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luxury coverings
Via delle Industrie 14 -  Meolo Venezia Italy - Tel 0421618778 - fax 0421618346 
Luxury coverings The ZANIN company has recently celebrated its 40 years of business activity. It is specialized in the luxury coverings field for rooms interiors and high-quality furniture. In 2004 Marco Zanin, who belongs to the third company generation, created the ZANIN luxury coverings project. He is keen of sailing and navigation and loves the sea in all its forms and shades. Art and beauty are his continuous search and they led him to create a unique production line whose aim is to make the luxury field of coverings even more precious. The ZANIN luxury coverings offers marvellous mother-of-pearl sheets to realize exclusive coverings in elegant and unique rooms. In cooperation with some of the most prestigious firms, ZANIN luxury coverings realizes custom works on cars, private planes and mega-yachts always giving a rigorous attention to details. Doors, handles, lamps and furniture complements become unique elements that remember The Arabian Nights rooms. We create dreams on your demand. Last projects: - Admiral 54 Sea force one ( Black Mother-of-Pearl covering main deck staircase) - Codecasa F70 Emelina ( Gold Mother-of-Pearl covering owner's bath walls) - Overmarine Mangusta 165 Zeus ( White Mother-of-Pearl covering with decorations in Abalone Iris table and bar ) these works will be finished in about a month. Chair : this unique chair has been realized by Pezzounico - Rimini Italy using our exclusive Mother-of-Pearl fabric in 3 different shells and many colour shades. An extraordinary work , a real revolution in the stuffed furniture field. Chandelier : realized by Adriana Lhomann Lighting - Limidio Comasco Italy with Natural Abalone Iris flakes, it has a maximum diameter of 45 cm and a total height of 2,5 m . The entire creation has been gold-plated with pure gold 24 kt. Rudder wheel : realized in collaboration with Victor Equipment Vago di Lavagno Italy . This luxury rudder wheel has 3 rays completely covered with Natural White Abalone. Cushions : realized by Essential Home - Cattolica Italy these white leather cushions have been decorated using the Black Mother-of-Pearl and Gold Abalone shell fabric ZANIN luxury coverings.